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Beauty Insight Associates LTD

Beauty Insight Associates LTD is an experienced partner for manufacturers of cosmetic products, biocidal products. We assist hundreds of companies with regulatory compliance of their products.

Supporting your importers who want to introduce their skincare, makeup, biocidal or food products to the European market.

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How can Beauty Insight Associates help you?

Beauty Insight Associates Limited is a team of experts in the field of law, toxicology, safety assessment, marketing of cosmetic and biocidal products, reports for certification. We cooperate with accredited testing laboratories, providing professional lab testing services for you.

Beauty Insight Associates Limited is a team of experts & experienced employees to provides the best service to our clients. Our services include the following:

  • Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products
  • Responsible Person, CPNP notification and registered address in European Union
  • Authorization of biocidal products and authorization holder's service
  • EU-compliant Labels preparation Certification Services
  • Technical translations to European languages

A specialist Team which supports each stage of the following aspects:

  • Introducing cosmetic products to the EU market
  • Placing biocidal products to the EU market

offers a range of services from regulatory consultancy to the creation of documents for cosmetic products, biocidal products.

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