Main group 2: Preservatives

Unless otherwise stated these product-types include only products to prevent microbially and algal development.

  1. Preservatives for products during storage:

Used for the preservation of manufactured products, other than foodstuffs, feeding stuff, cosmetics or medicinal products or medical devices by the control of microbial deterioration to ensure their shelf life.

Used as preservatives for the storage or use of rodenticide, insecticide, or other baits.

  1. Film preservatives :

Used for the preservation of films or coatings by the control of microbial deterioration or algal growth in order to protect the initial properties of the surface of materials or objects such as paints, plastics, sealants, wall adhesives, binders, papers, artworks.

  1. Wood preservatives:

Used for the preservation of wood, from and including the saw-mill stage, or wood products by the control of wood-destroying or wood-disfiguring organisms, including insects. This product type includes both preventive and curative products.

  1. Fibre, leather, rubber and polymerized materials preservatives:

Used for the preservation of fibrous or polymerized materials, such as leather, rubber or paper or textile products by the control of microbiological deterioration.

This product-type includes biocidal products which antagonize the settlement of micro-organisms on the surface of materials and therefore hamper or prevent the development of odour and/or offer other kinds of benefits.

  1. Construction material preservatives:

Used for the preservation of masonry, composite materials, or other construction materials other than wood by the control of the microbiological and algal attack.

  1. Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems:

Used for the preservation of water or other liquids used in cooling and processing systems by the control of harmful organisms such as microbes, algae and mussels.

Products used for the disinfection of drinking water or of water for swimming pools are not included in this product type.

  1. Slimicides:

Used for the prevention or control of slime growth on materials, equipment and structures, used in industrial processes, e.g. on wood and paper pulp, porous sand strata in oil extraction.

  1. Working or cutting fluid preservatives:

Products to control microbial deterioration in fluids used for working or cutting metal, glass or other materials.


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