Certification service

After an assessment of your product based on the relevant standards, we will advise if your product can be certified. We will propose the corresponding mark if it can be put on your products’ label. If your product does not meet the relevant requirements, we will advise you on how to adapt it to be able to apply for the appropriate logo.

Natural / Organic

ISO16128 is an international standard to define cosmetics about Natural or Organic. The purpose of this standard is to qualify cosmetic ingredients natural or organic in one common language at the international level.

*Certification criteria:

  • Natural: minimum 90% of natural origin ingredients.
  • Organic:
    • Minimum 90% of the natural ingredients must be issued from organic farming.
    • Minimum 20% of the total ingredient must be issued from organic farming (for leave-on products)
    • For rinse-off, aqueous, non-emulsified products with more than 80% of minerals or mineral origin, the content of organic ingredient must be > 10%.


We support you to get a Vegan certificate for your cosmetic products through Vegan standards. We evaluate your product’s ingredient list and supplier information if required and post which helps you to get Vegan certification.

We guide our client throughout the entire process to prepare documents and be compliant with the standards

Vegan Registration Criteria:

  • The product must not contain animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients
  • Must not conduct animal testing
  • No GMO related to the animal’s genes or animal-derived components
  • Manufactured according to good hygiene and without any cross-contamination


GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs include plant or other living microorganisms whose genetic makeup has been manipulated artificially. The safety of many GMO is unknown and hence consumer is attracted towards products which are made with GMO-free ingredients.

We help you to get Non-GMO product verification. Many retail brands have reported a fast-growing trend of their products with Non-GMO verification. The demand for Non-GMO has been increasing continuously and consumers are attracted to these products.

Many retailers are promoting Non-GMOs products and educating the consumers about the product transparency.

We BIA Ltd supports our clients to get Non-GMO verification for their products. We evaluate the raw material documents, supplier information about raw material, and contact supplier if needed. Based on the evaluation we guide you to get certification for Non-GMO.


The Gluten-free product’s market is increasing globally day by day. In Europe and the USA, the number of patients is increasing which is being diagnosed with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. The Gluten-free certification of your products is an important factor in driving growth of your brand’s market. The gluten-free logo may drive your sales line to the new level since consumer demand of gluten-free products have been increasing.

To certify your product as Gluten-free, we BIA Ltd will evaluate the raw material documents of your product composition. Based on the information, we will guide you to get the gluten-free certification.

Derma tests

Derma testing is for cosmetics, consumer goods. Derma Testing is used to investigate whether a product or substance causes irritation to skin. It is the determination of UVA protection and SPF measurement. To protect your customer’s skin derma testing is done. All products are tested by our expert partners under standardized conditions, whilst approximating actual conditions of use as closely as possible.

Dermatest provides expert information both on necessary and reasonable tests ensuring the best study design for their customers, products ensuring safety and efficacy.

For 5 Star Seal

For in-use trials on the area of intended use, to award the 5-star seal (minimum requirement: product is used for four weeks by 20 test subjects). This offers the maximum possible certainty, ruling out the possibility of subsequent skin reactions for all groups of purchasers and users to the maximum extent possible. Products which have been tested in this way receive the designation “Clinically tested”.

We can also help you on perform physiological measurements and give questionnaires before and after use to evaluate users’ subjective experience of the product. A patch test at the end of

the trial offers the option of verifying that no allergies have developed during the period of application.

The 3-Star the seal

Will be awarded by our partners for short-term testing on the area of intended use, or for long-term tests of skin characteristics or skin function on areas of skin other than the area of intended use. This includes, for example, measuring the extent to which a face cream improves skin hydration by testing it on the forearm.

No of product is needed for testing

The amount of product required for in-use tests are highly dependent on trial design. A sufficient sample product should be provided for each test subject for the period for which it is going to be applied (e.g. 4 weeks). It also depends on how often the product is to be applied and the size of the site to which it is to be applied. In addition, we need retained samples and, if possible, a few spare product samples. For in-use trials, each test subject needs to be able to be provided with an individual supply of the product, and subjects must be able to use the product in the required manner easily at home.

Documentation Required to start the process

In addition to product samples, we need an ingredients list incorrect INCI format or the composition of the test product. As order confirmation, we require that you sign and return the trial protocol we will provide it to you.

Timeframe of testing at Dermatest

When an in-use trial can commence and how long it takes is highly dependent on the trial design, the inclusion criteria and, linking in with the latter, subject availability. Trials involve a recruitment phase, the use phase, and a reporting phase. A definitive schedule can be produced as soon as we receive the product, and will be documented in the trial protocol provided by our partners to you.

Our partners also undertake skin compatibility testing of consumer goods, medical devices, and biocides.

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